We hope you and your loved ones are holding up okay and managing to stay sane and healthy in these very trying times. We are thinking of you, and truly do care.

We are living in unchartered territory and could be in this state of limbo for the next six to eight months, and that is another reason why we wanted to reach out to you today.

Now more than ever, our businesses need attention—and so do our consumers. While these are challenging and unprecedented times, they also provide a unique opportunity to pivot to a powerful new way of conducting qualitative, “in-person” research. Insights drive smart marketing and we can’t pretend to know what consumers are feeling about our brands or products now or why. But not being able to see them in person shouldn’t be an excuse to proceed blindly.

This situation has created an entire new virtual nation. Thanks to FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and several other video platforms, people everywhere are scheduling virtual hang sessions, chatting with grandparents or grandkids, having remote birthday parties and happy hours, and actively staying connected with their friends and relatives!

We’re all ‘social distancing’ together, and it’s providing the perfect scenario for getting consumers to open up about their opinions and emotions.

Since communicating and socializing online has become the new norm, now is the time to switch over to online research, which offers a myriad of advantages over more traditional in-person focus groups or interviews overall and especially at this time—notably:

The ability to capture a national snapshot of your loyal and prospective consumer base all in one go, potentially enabling you to conduct less interviews; thereby saving time and money.
The opportunity for consumers to make money and for your company to save—no need for travel, no facility rental costs, etc.
The chance to leverage the need for social distancing by allowing consumers to do these interviews from the comfort and safety of their own homes, which can also help alleviate boredom and provide a nice distraction from child-related frustrations.

Take this opportunity to hear and understand how your brand and/or category is fitting into this new way of living and how this has changed since the pandemic. Turn this crisis into a boom for your business by understanding it as a call for a new way of doing things—a new way to gain insights into your customers.

There are three methodologies we recommend and excel at for conducting qualitative online research: Webcam IDIs, Webcam Focus Groups, and Asynchronous Bulletin Board Focus Groups. As each has its pros and cons depending on your research objectives, it’s best to reach out to us directly on our website, or reply to this email so we can discuss what is best for you.

We’re all in this together and hopefully, life will get back to normal and in-person will be the way to go sooner rather than later! We will get through this, and hopefully we will be stronger for it. We are here to help!

Gail Joseph
Founder and Principle of GLJ Research, LLC