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Our Clients Say It Best

I think you did a great job getting 14-18 year old boys to participate AND really give you their opinions. Trust me, I’ve been in plenty of groups when that age just wants to sit there and clam up. Kudos to you!
Slim Jim
Because you’ve lived in our marketing shoes you totally understand the issues and implications – that’s the huge benefit to us.
Gail, once again, you absolutely delivered…. Plus, you are fun to work with!!
Our VP wanted you to know that he feels these were by far the most beneficial and informative focus groups he has seen in his 25 years of experience.
World Kitchen
Typically, we do not have moderators in the in-between steps. However, because we value your opinion on strategic matters so much, we would love you to participate in any of the strategic discussions you can make it to!
Your client experience is invaluable as you really get it from our shoes. This is true in the room, when debriefing, and with the insights you report out. It is always great working with you.

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