Project Description

Our Client: Leading Wine, Beer, and Spirits Manufacturer
The Industry: Alcoholic Beverages
Our Tools: Focus Groups among Women and Men

The Challenge

This brand of Mexican beer had very low penetration in the US and was not top-of-mind to consumers. As such, consumers did not understand the benefits of drinking it (either functional or emotional) overall and relative to other Mexican beers. It did not stand for anything in the mind’s of the consumer.

Client Objectives

  • To identify a meaningful, motivating, and differentiating brand positioning that would drive US brand penetration moving forward.
  • To gain a deep understanding of the equities and drawbacks consumers currently associate with this brand and where these perceptions come from (i.e. marketing communications, taste, experience with it, packaging, being from Mexico/Mexican heritage, etc.). Utilize these learnings to establish positioning platforms.
  • To obtain feedback on the the brand’s working positioning video (the location, tonality, music etc.) Specifically, to understand whether it resonates with the consumer both functionally and emotionally.
  • To obtain consumer reactions to the package and product to dive deeper into brand perceptions.

Our Customized Approach

Recognizing that beer is such an emotionally charged and social category (there is badge value associated with the beers that one drinks), a combination of one-on-one IDIs and friendship groups was chosen: 1) one-one-ones to avoid group bias and get at deep rooted beliefs about the beers they drink and why, and 2) friendship groups to take into account the social dynamics and opinons of consumers with their friends.

Key Learnings

  • Consumers (even loyal brand drinkers) were not familiar with the brand from a functional or emotional perspective.
  • Functionally, occasional and non-users knew little about the taste and/or quality of the beer. While its Mexican heritage provided a quality halo versus domestic beers, most did not understand how it stacked up versus other Mexican beers.
  • Consumers yearned to learn the brand story and for the brand to have a stronger voice. They really wanted to understand what separates this from other brands.
  • The positioning video did a good job of starting to define the brand from an emotional perspective. However, it was not unique or differentiating. It also lacked taste and freshness cues.

The Results

  • Consumers want to hear the brand story, so tell it.  Communicating this story in a unique and compelling way will be key to differentiating it from other domestic and Mexican beers.
  • To build, conveying this brand story in an active, adventurous, and celebrating life’s moments way felt very engaging, relatable, and aspirational.
  • It’s a must to convey taste and freshness in a brand ownable way too.