Brand Positioning and Strategy

Creating or optimizing your brand architecture. Defining who your brand should be (its essence, voice, character), where it should go, and how it should be differentiated from other brands in the market. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need a refresh, we can develop the methodologies to get you there.



Communication and Messaging

Identifying the most meaningful and motivating platform for your brand message and how that message should be translated across mediums and package design/copy. Ensure that the message is truly meaningful in the target’s life, that it really breaks through the clutter, and that the brand story resonates with consumers in a ‘human connection’ way.



Consumer Deep Dives

Truly understanding your consumer through their eyes and through the eyes of those closest to them will ultimately help emotionally connect your brand with them. You need to understand their values and priorities, hopes and dreams, and their fears. You need to get what motivates them and the role the category and brand play in their life.

You may have done a quantitative target segmentation study and want to dive deeper into key segments identified, or you simply want to dive deeper into your brand’s loyal ‘zealot’ consumer to determine ways of converting prospects in the future. In either case, we help you bring the consumer to life in a way that the organization can embrace and truly understand.

Innovation and New Product Development

Whether your team needs to identify the need states and white space prior to ideation or you’re ready for concept evaluation, we can help identify the right methodologies for you. We will help answer what need/gaps exist, the insights behind these need/gaps, whether and/or how your brand or brands can uniquely address those needs, and determine the most compelling language to bring the idea to life (i.e., the exact insight, benefit, RTB).



Shopper Insights

We will help determine what the consumer’s true path to purchase is, and the key cues and clues along the way. Further, understand whether this path to purchase varies by retailer, target, category, loyalty to the brand, and store/shelf placement.