Project Description

Our Client: Major Breast Feeding/Pumping Manufacturer
The Industry: Healthcare
Our Tools: On-line Bulletin-Board Focus Groups with 25 Pre and Post-Natal Moms

The Challenge

To grow engagement and loyalty, this leading breastfeeding/pumping brand launched a new app, with the goal of educating, supporting, and helping pre and post-natal moms overcome any challenges they may encounter throughout their breastfeeding/pumping journey. However, early in the launch, the company learned that most moms were not staying engaged with the app and were only using it 1-2 times.

Client Objectives

  • To understand how pre and post-natal moms learned about the app and benefits sought by using it.
  • To understand why those who were engaged with the app were, and why those who weren’t were not.
  • To determine what the brand could do to drive engagement moving forward.

Our Customized Approach

Recognizing that post-natal moms (the majority of those recruited) are very busy breastfeeding/pumping and have exhausting sleep patterns and hours, the flexibility of the online platform made a lot of sense. Further, online was perfectly fitting given the desire to have moms go deep into the app experience real time. Finally, the ability for one-on-one and group discussion afforded by the online platform, proved to be invaluable.

Key Insights

  • Overall, the app experience was very positive. Functionally it was convenient, simple, easy to use, and a great resource to help new moms through their breastfeeding/pumping journey. Emotionally, it helped provide moms confidence, peace-of-mind and support.
  • However, moms were not engaging with it for a long period of time. The primary reason was because the app didn’t meet all of their breastfeeding/pumping needs.
  • A number of very specific issues in terms of how the app did not meet their needs were identified (some of which the client hypothesized going into the research and others that were new learnings.)

The Results

  • A plethora of ways to optimize the app and drive engagement were identified in the areas of functionality and content (specifics not available due to client confidentiality).
  • The majority of recommendations were implemented within 6 months and proved to increase engagement by +50%.