Project Description

Our Client: Major Fashion Retailer
The Industry: Fashion Retail
Our Tools: Ethnographies, Shop-Alongs, Friendship Groups

The Challenge

Our client’s business was in sharp decline, as female consumers increasingly did not associate them with fashion credentials. As such, they came to GLJ Research hoping to get a deep dive understanding of their female adult shopper, in order to identify and bring to life their target and maximize communication to them, moving forward.

Client Objectives

  • Determine the most viable target for the brand (moms 25-35, non-moms 25-35, or both).
  • To gain an in-depth understanding of the target’s attitudes and behavior towards beauty, fashion, clothing, and accessories.
  • Identify key insights to leverage when communicating to this target.
  • Understand how to optimize the brand’s product and shopping experience.

Our Customized Approach

Our unique approach combined a hybrid of methodologies and projective techniques to get a 360 view of who this consumer really is. Specifically, a combination of in-home ethnographies (looking at her photo albums and closet), friendship groups with mom and non-mom family/friends, and brand/competitive shop-alongs.

Key Learnings

Moms and non-moms have distinct differences, but they have meaningful attitudinal and behavioral similarities too.  In fact these similar attitudinal insights directed the client to not think about their target demographically as mom or non-moms but rather attitudinally as follows:  These moms and non-moms are comfortable inside and out and want comfortable clothes that reflect that.  They want to feel cute and noticed, put together and youthful, and not like a ‘typical’ mom!!!

The Results

  • Significantly reversed volume declines and informed communication and product development in a meaningful way.
  • Identified an attitude and insight driven target ‘I want to be a cute mom that is comfortably stylish’ which was meaningful and differentiating, but allowed the brand to stabilize its core and grow outside of it.
  • The entire company could understand and rally behind the new ‘Jen’ target after participating in the ‘bring-to-life’ presentation including video coverage of the interviews and friendship groups.
  • Identified opportunities to improve the product line and shopping experience which were implemented.