Our Mission is to harness our creativity and strategic know-how to identify actionable solutions.

Putting the pieces together!

We listen. we interpret. we advise.

Our approach to working with clients is collaborative. It’s a strategic partnership right from the start. As a client, we engage you by giving you access to the real human within your consumer… to see, listen, feel, and understand him or her for yourself. This gives you more empathy and helps you to better provide products, brands and ideas that will connect with your audience on a more meaningful level.


From moderation and recruitment, to field management and analysis, GLJ Research uses cutting edge techniques and technology to humanize market research. We strategically customize our methodology based on your objectives. From online and smartphone technologies and a range of in-person methods such as ethnographies, psychological interviews and creative group–based techniques, we engage your consumer in ways that get at the answers you need.

Meet the Team

Gail Joseph
Gail JosephPrincipal and Lead Strategist
Brittney Zuzindlak
Brittney ZuzindlakDirector of On-Line Research
Lauren Meister
Lauren MeisterDirector of Field Management